Treasured Friends Team

Everyone has different reasons for joining.  Maybe you want to earn some side money.  Maybe you want to create a full-time business that fits around your life.  Maybe you want to earn trips.  Maybe you are a "kit-napper" and just want to get great products at discounted prices.  Everyone is welcome to join my team!  We will talk about your goals and I will help you reach them.

I am also uniquely qualified to make sure that you set up your business legitimately and run it properly from the get go.  Papercrafting is my passion, but by day I am a full-time tax professional and bookkeeper.  I have over 20 years of experience in setting up and helping small businesses.  Find out more about me and my company.

Knowledge I can share with you:


Tips for running a small business efficiently

Advice for taxes and licensing

Tips for inventory and record-keeeping

Team Training & Events:


Live Team Meetings 3 to 4 times per year

Monthly Team Newsletter

Private Team Facebook Group

Facebook Live team chats every week.

Personal Attention:


One-on-one calls or meetings to get you started

One-on-one calls or meetings any time you need help or encouragement

One-on-one calls or meetings any time you set a new goal for yourself and need ideas to get you there

Are you getting the theme?  I'M HERE FOR YOU!

Need more reasons to join?

Ready to get started?

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