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CTMH Craft On Album and the 3-2-1 Scrapbooking Technique

The 3-2-1 scrapbooking technique was introduced to us this month by Close To My Heart. This is not a new technique, but it was new to me! The premise is that you cut your patterned paper into 3 different sizes and then mix and match to make multiple unique looking pages.

CTMH gave us beautiful instructions for an album using the Craft On paper suite (my favorite paper in the current catalog) and the supplies are available as a bundle until the end of the month. But you can use any papers that you want with this technique and you will end up with some fantastic pages.

You can easily follow the instructions provided step by step and produce something truly lovely, but I had more photos than the original instructions allowed for. Some of my very close friends and I have been doing crafty retreats for the last few years. We pick some Pinterest projects and spend a weekend putting them together. Sometimes they are epic and sometimes they are fails, but we always have fun. I recently made the choice to stop going to the retreats and I thought this album would be the perfect way to culminate 5 years of memories.

I've done a video where you can see how I use the technique to mix and match the papers and the pages that I come up with are very different than the ones in the original album instructions. I thought this would be a great way to show you that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to this technique. You just have to add your own flavor and I guarantee you are going to LOVE IT!

Check out my video and let me know what you think. I've also posted photos of all of my pages below. If you try this technique out with this bundle or with another paper, I would LOVE to see pictures of your pages!

Here's the flip through for your reference:

Thanks for checking out this project and I hope you come back for more fun ideas and DIY inspiration!

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