Close To My Heart


Let's talk about the big question - "What's in it for you?"  Throughout my lifetime I have signed up with a few different direct sales companies for various reasons and I've researched several others.  Close To My Heart is by far my favorite.  They have so much to offer their consultants and they really do everything they can to help us succeed.

Compensation & Incentives:

Commissions starting at 25% that can increase to 45% based on your performance

CTMH Cash based on monthly sales that can be used towards select products

The Start with Heart program that allows you to earn bonus products and goodies in your first 45 days

Bonuses and benefits for title promotions

Products & Resources Available:

High quality products for purchase that are beautiful and on-trend

Purchasable supplies such as catalogs, samples, order forms, and marketing tools to make your job easier

Bulk papers and cardstocks can be purchased for hosting classes and gatherings

Quarterly subscription services available to customers to get them actively engaged in crafting

Free pre-designed projects with easily downloadable instructions and purchasable How-To books

Free Facebook events hosted by Close To My Heart that you can promote to your customers

A shopping web site with a customizable URL that allows you to process orders and credit card payments

Free monthly newsletter to keep you and your customers informed about sales, specials, and new products

Training & Support:

Comprehensive consultant manuals

Active and supportive team leaders

Knowledgeable and helpful corporate staff

Free training courses and videos

Free listening library full of training topics

Free flyers and web images for marketing

Online training events

Private Facebook groups for consultants

Need more reasons to join?

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